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Classic city tour so you don’t miss anything essential. This is the tour for you if you do not want to miss the essence of Malaga.

The best option for those who want to know about the history of the city in depth. (Tickets included)

Best option for those who want to get to know the city in a personalized way avoiding large groups.
From Malaga Guiada we want to offer you the most complete tour of the city. Enjoy our history, culture and tapas like a local!!
Discover through our professional tours why Malaga is one of the most popular destinations for travelers from all over the world

Málaga Guiada is a local Company specialized in Private Tours and Free Tours in Malaga. A company focused on spreading the heritage of the city in a professional, entertaining and fun way. Always by the hand of a certified guide with many years of experience in the matter. 100% local guides.

Our walking will allow you to grasp the essence of the city, its culture and its people.

Through our tours you will find out why Malaga is among the top destinations worldwide. With over 2800 years of history and around 300 days of sun per year, it is a charming destination that will never let any visitors down.

Our company is made up of local guides, born and raised here.


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Tour Guiado Málaga

«In no other Spanish city have I been as happy and confortable as in Malaga. The customs of its people, it´s temperament, the width of the sea, all this so necessary for me I found it there.

And I found something even more important:

Kind and understanding people

Hans Christian Andersen

5 reasons why Malaga will win your heart

Malaga: Art, Culture and History

Close your eyes and get carried away by its history.

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Almost 3 centuries of history have shaped and marked the DNA of this city. With just a quick glimpse of the city you will notice how much the different eras have influenced this city and its people.

Visit our unique cathedral and find out why it is called “The One-armed”; an impressive temple built between the 15 -17 centuries.

Walk through the Roman Theater and imagine you are in times of Emperor Augustus when Malaga was one of the outstanding capitals in the Roman Empire.

Dive into the Muslim era by visiting 2 iconic monuments of our history: Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle, the perfect place to enjoy the most magnificent views over the city.

Do not miss the museums. Malaga is considered a city of many museums and it is not surprising as it is one of the cities in Europe that hosts the largest number of them.

In a nutshell, arts, culture and history will never let visitors down.

Why choosing our tours?

Small groups
We offer personalized and quality guided tours in Malaga for small groups.
Competitive prices
You can choose our Free Tour Malaga or our personalized private tours.
Official guides
All our tours include an official guide certified by the Government of Andalusia.
100% local guides
100% local guides born and raised here.

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“Nice, interactive and informative tour of the old town, with a lot information on the history of Málaga. During the tour you are also provided with useful tips and recommendations on local restaurants and sights to see.”
Jorik Huisman
“The tour was amazing! Our guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour a fun and interactive experience. We went to all of the must see spots in Malaga. He was always happy to answer any questions we may have had and even gave us recommendations on places to eat. Overall a great experience and would recommend it for anyone interested in an intimate tour of Malaga. Nos encanto, mil gracias. Familia de Miami”
Lorena Correa
“Nahuel is a fantastic spanish guide: he has lead a very interesting tour, telling us the story and traditions of Malaga. We saw the Cathedral, ancient Roman theatre y Alcazaba. Very reccomended!!”
Riccardo Baravelli
“Nahuel is the guy to go to if you want to experience a great walking tour around the beautiful city of Malaga! He has so much knowledge about the history of the city and the country and you can see the joy it makes him to „spread the news“ 🙂 I highly recommend it! PS: on top of all the information and the nice tour, he provides you with a list of his personal recommendations (bars, restaurants, etc.). The list alone is worth the booking ;-)”
Wladimir Lieder
“Nahuel was an amazing tour guide! He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Answered any questions we had and talked to us while walking from site to site. He also offered a form of recommendations for places to visit and eat. Definitely recommend!”
Janelle Kiker
“We had a very nice, light and engaging tour. Nahuel answered all annoying questions and even shared some personal recommendations on vegan food in the center of Malaga. He also send us a doc with more interesting places to visit which was very useful! Thank you.”
Anna Puganovskaya
“Nahuel is brillant, it's amazing to see the city through the eyes of a local, very good energy and with exclusive tips! Unique experience, definitely I recomend the tour with him. Tks for the great times together!”
Telvyo Souza
“Amazed with the tour, I would definitely recommend it. We was very smart and well prepared. He gave us a full explanation of city history during the walking. He even had a binder with old pictures to compare the city what it looked years ago!”
Juan Baralt

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How can I make a reservation?

You can make your reservation on our website on the page of each tour choosing the day and time, by email, WhatsApp or by calling 600 886 244.

What languages are available?

Generally all our tours are in English and Spanish although we can contact other guides who offer their services in several languages.

About the guides

All our guides are certified by the dovernment of Andalucia. Professionals with many years of experience working as local guides.

Can a meal be included in the tour?

Of course. We know the best places to eat and those off the beaten track. Please, contact us with your requests.