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City center + Alcazaba

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Essential Malaga

No surprise Malaga is among the top destinations worldwide. With over 2800 years of history and around 300 days of sun per year, it is a charming destination that will never let any visitors down.

In an interesting and entertaining way we will go over the different cultures and civilizations that left their imprint in the city.

We will walk around the city center to get to see the main landmarks. This is the tour for you if you do not want to miss the essence of Malaga.

Moorish Malaga (Alcazaba)

In this route we will go deeper into the Muslim era. The Alcazaba is the most visited monument of the city. This palace-fortress, of paramount importance to the capital of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, dates back to the 11th-15th centuries.

Due to its location this fortress is considered by historians as one of the safest and most impregnable of all times.  It’s well-known among the locals as Alhambra’s little sister.

Full visit of Malaga

The best option for those who want to know about the history of the city in depth. In this tour not only will we get to see the most relevant monuments but we will also visit the Moorish fortress.

This activity will enable you to learn about all the different periods the city has experienced. From the foundation by the Fenitians until the siege by the Catholic Kings.

Christian Malaga (Cathedral)

In this tour we will travel in time trough the most fascinating periods in the history of Malaga and visit its cathedral. This cathedral is regarded as one of the most valuable jewels of Renaissance in Andalusia.

This temple built between the 16th – 18th centuries features a variety of styles.

5 reasons why Malaga will win your heart

Málaga Guiada Imagen

Art, Culture and History

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Almost 3 centuries of history have shaped and marked the DNA of this city.

With just a quick glimpse of the city you will notice how much the different eras have influenced this city and its people.

Close your eyes and get carried away by its history.

Visit our unique cathedral and find out why it is called “The One-armed”; an impressive temple built between the 15 -17 centuries.


Málaga Guiada Imagen


Walk through the Roman Theater and imagine you are in times of Emperor Augustus when Malaga was one of the outstanding capitals in the Roman Empire.

Dive into the Muslim era by visiting 2 iconic monuments of our history: Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle, the perfect place to enjoy the most magnificent views over the city.

Do not miss the museums. Malaga is considered a city of many museums and it is not surprising as it is one of the cities in Europe that hosts the largest number of them.

In a nutshell, arts, culture and history will never let visitors down.

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Being one of the cities in “Costa del Sol”, Malaga has a privileged climate. Over 300 days of sun make this city an ideal destination all around the year.

Many towns in the Axarquia of Malaga have been awarded in several occasions with the title of “Best microclimate in Europe”

Thanks to its location you can enjoy the beach and in over an hour go skiing in the mountains of Sierra Nevada.

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Fritura Malaguena, espetos, tapas…they all make Malaga a city for foodies.

Being so close to the sea gives Malaga the opportunity to make fish one of the main products in its gastronomy. If you have tried sardines around the world you will be presented with a unique way of cooking them. We have our own way.

You cannot leave the city without eating in one of the many “chiringuitos” (beach restaurants) and trying “boquerones”. They give name to the locals of Malaga.

Do you prefer soups?

Try “ajo blanco”, “Porra Antequerana” or “Gazpachuelo”

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Atmosphere and people

It is said that one of the biggest attractions for tourists is show friendly locals are.

Malaga is among the best cities to live in Europe. The only Spanish city in the list of ten places with the best quality of life in Europe.

This quality of life present in the daily life of the locals translates into kindness and happiness towards its visitors.

Locals love to spend time out and eating out. Bars and restaurants are always packed.

A buzzing city with lively atmosphere and fun, friendly people.


Málaga Guiada Imagen

Because it is hip

With prestigious ambassadors like A. Banderas or even Picasso it goes without saying.

A city that in the last decades has evolved from simply being a beach destination to one of the main cultural spots.

A city full of museums. It all started in 2003 when Picasso Museum opened its doors to the public. This was the seed that sprouted up to make Malaga a city of culture.

The Fair of Malaga, the film festival, the Goya Awards boost the city nowadays.

«In no other Spanish city have I been as happy and confortable as in Malaga.

The customs of its people, it´s temperament, the width of the sea, all this so necessary

For me I found it there.

And I found something even more important:

Kind and understanding people.»

Hans Christian Andersen