Christian Malaga


After the Catholic Kings seized the city the construction of a Catholic temple began.

In this tour we will travel in time trough the most fascinating periods in the history of Malaga and visit its cathedral. This cathedral is regarded as one of the most valuable jewels of Renaissance in Andalusia.

This temple built between the 16th – 18th centuries features a variety of styles.

We will talk about the many professionals involved in its construction and will get to see one by one all its beautiful chapels.

Let’s learn about the uses this temple has had throughout history and how it survived periods of hardship during the Spanish civil war.

Do not miss this hidden gem.

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  • When? Every day
  • Duration: 1h 30`
  • Launguage: English/ Spanish.
  • Plaza del Obispo (Bishop square)

What is included in this Tour?

  • All our tours include an official guide, certified by the Government of Andalusia.
  • Folder with pictures to enhance the experience and explanations.
  • Hydroalholic gel.

Admission not included. Overall € 6/ Reduced € 4 (students, or groups 15 or more)


Low difficulty. Suitable for wheelchairs and all ages.

What you will see?

  • Bishop Square and facade of cathedral.
  • Episcopal palace.
  • Puerta del Perdon (Doorway of Forgiveness).
  • Patio de las Cadenas (Courtyard of Chains).
  • Altar.
  • Choir stall.
  • Chapels.
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